Friday, November 21, 2008


Life has been so insanely busy this week. I cannot seem to get caught up on housework, or coupon clipping! That's bad!

The big kids had Parent's Night at school last night. Oh man was that a mess! For one reason or another they had the 1st and 2nd grade parent night the same on one side of the building, one on the other. They each had about 4 activities each, and it only lasted an hour! Needless to say, we didn't get much done.

But, I finally made the Rotisserie Style Chicken in the crockpot...and it was amazing. I was really beginning to wonder if we were meant to eat it. I actually put it in the crockpot Wednesday about 10. I had it all seasoned and ready to go. Noah and I left the house around 11 or so to go drop off the Operation Christmas Child boxes. I really should have known that something was not right when I walked in the house and didn't smell the wonderful smell of dinner cooking. I kept telling myself to go peek at it, but I would get busy and forget.

Willie came home just before 4, and I wanted to show off my awesome chicken. Did you ever notice that chickens aren't really all that awesome looking when they are uncooked?

Apparently, right before Noah and I left, he turned the crockpot off. I do remember him saying something to the effect of wanting to eat chicken for lunch, and that it was done cooking. Little did I know that he would turn it off!!!

So, I turned it on at 4 (which obviously wouldn't be done by dinner) and whipped up some breakfast for dinner. We just decided to have the chicken last night for dinner.

You would have thought that Wednesday night's catastrophe would have served as a reminder. WRONG!

I put the container in the crock and turned it on low since it was pretty much cooked all the way. Thankfully my nose was working and some time later I realized that I wasn't smelling the wonderful aroma of my chicken.

Did you know that in order for a crockpot to work, you must plug the bad boy in? Lesson learned.

So, I got the show on the road, again! And Noah would turn it off. I lost count how many times he tried to turn it off. After Wednesday, and the start of this go around...I watched that baby like a hawk! was one of the best chickens I've ever eaten. Hubby liked it so so much that he wants me to make a soup out of it tonight (the juice the thing made was AWESOME) instead of the Bierocks I had already planned.

Needless to say...the menu plan I made...yeah it doesn't exist this week!

Oh yeah...and we are going to Kansas City this weekend to see TobyMac!!! Oh yeah...

Does the running ever stop?!


Kristina said...

so so hilarious. I was making pumpkin lattes for Chris one morning and when I went to pour him some it was still cold. so yeah, I make sure I have my crockpots plugged in when I use them 'cause cold pumpkin latte's aren't that good!

Anonymous said...

I have some serious Crock Pot paranoia. (smile) I check that thing over and over.

I agree that rotisserie chicken in the slow cooker is awesome.

Cathy said...

I'm making that today FINALLY...after having just put it off for too long. It smells yummy!!