Monday, November 17, 2008

The big kids didn't have school today due to some form of meeting. I was messing with them Friday before they left for school and told them that if they were good at school, then I would let them stay home Monday, and we would have a fun day.

Nicholas told me that he would just be bad then, because he wanted to go to school Monday because of gifted. Hrm. I had forgotten all about I had to rebound quickly witht something.

I fessed up that they actually did not have school on Monday, and that instead we could come up with something so we could have gifted at home.

Okay, yeah, I was CLUELESS!

Kaitlyn wanted to build something, and Nicholas wanted to do science.

Ah ha! A baking soda/vinegar volcano! My mom did something similar with me and my brother when we were younger. We actually made an entire paper mache was too cool! I would have loved to do this, but since we were gone all day Saturday, and Sunday is always busy...we just ran out of time.

But, after a rough start this morning..we constructed a volcano, and the eruption began!

*please ignore all my sewing gunk all over the dining room's been temporarily converted!*

Nicholas is mixing up the volcano goop.

Sculpting the volcano around the water bottle.

Highly distressed that the volcano was not shaped like a mountain!

She's a bit blurry...but she's pouring in the vinegar.

Watching the eruption. Nicholas is not so secretly wishing that it was an EXPLOSION and not an eruption! Is this a boy thing?!

Now, off to build a house out of popsicle sticks!

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