Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cedar Posts

This past weekend we made a trip back to my hometown. The whole mission of this trip was to chop down some unwanted cedar trees in my mom's field. She had no desire for them to be there, and we needed the cedar to make fence posts for my garden. A win win for us both.

I've already confessed the not-so-great relationship that I have previously had with my mom. I've seriously not spent more than a couple hours at any given time at her home for the past 6 years. You can imagine my surprise when my husband informed me that we were spending the night with my mom! Honestly it was the only logical solution, but I wasn't expecting it, and I didn't know whether I was ready.

But, it was the best weekend ever! I absolutely loved every single minute of it, and I'm so glad we went.

We arrived Friday evening and just sat on the screened porch and visited. All night. We went to bed around 11, which was late for us all! Saturday morning my mom cooked us all breakfast, and as soon as we were done cleaning up, "the men" went outside to begin cutting posts. Mom, the kids and I went outside and picked cherries off of her cherry tree so that we could make a cherry pie to go with our big lunch. I have very few memories of cooking with my mother, so this was an amazing moment for me. Not only that, but I can count on one hand how many times my mom has cooked for my family in the last 6 years.

God has done such amazing things in not only my life, but my family's. I'm so thankful for our relationship and the time that we spend together. I love seeing my children play with her like I once did, and to hear them talk about her when we're home. And ask me when we are going back. Grandma even asked when Kaitlyn was coming to spend the night with her, they needed their "girl time." That has never happened.

God is my miracle worker. Just when you think it can't happen, he swoops in and makes the impossible, possible.

I consider myself a lucky girl to finally have these moments. Most people don't realize what they've got 'til it's gone.

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