Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Redeemed Myself

So--I said the tooth fairy came, sort of. What did I mean?

Since she didn't come the first night, Nicholas left his tooth (which was in a treasure chest, by the way) on top of the windowsill for the next night. When he came home from school, he immediately went in there to check on it and make sure it was still where it was when he left. He's pretty possessive of his things.

Little did I know that during the day, Noah went in and messed with the tooth treasure chest and lost it! I can assure you that Nicholas was not happy in the least! I looked high and low for it, and never found it.

"Now the tooth fairy really won't come, Mom."

Oh snap! Rub the "Loser Mom" in a bit more, would ya?

"Sure she will--she's had ample time to find out you lost it. I'm sure she'll understand that Noah lost it. Surely she won't punish you for that..."

Right? Right. Although, she really did almost forget.

Loser Mom Syndrome Hits Again

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks where you felt like you were experiencing "Loser Mom Syndrome?"

That was me. Last week.

Nicholas came home from school on Wednesday and proudly exclaimed that he lost his tooth while at school. Uh, say what?! He had a loose tooth.? No way. (By the way--it was barely loose, and he decided that he was over it, and yanked it out!!)

No biggie--I can handle this, right? Wrong.

I helped Nicholas find a place to put his tooth since he is terrified that with his moving and flopping that his tooth will fall, or get lost. Since he has a bunk bed, and sleeps on top right next to a window, he decided to put it on the window frame. Perfect.

I went to wake him up for school the next morning and after he was almost fully awake, I just so happened to look over and see the tooth staring at me on the windowsill. The tooth fairy fell asleep, and forgot all about her duties!!

Stink!! No time now, he was almost awake, and I couldn't risk getting caught in the act. Ya know?

What to do?? I left the room--fast! I needed time to think.

Nicholas promplty told me that the tooth fairy never came. Surprisingly, he wasn't all too upset, but I could tell that it bothered him a bit.

My response: "I bet I know what happened, Nicholas. Your tooth fell out so fast, with no warning and the tooth fairy didn't have enough time to fit you into the route. I bet she'll be here tonight for sure since she knows now."

And she was...Sort of.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy in the Kitchen and a Diet Update

Our change in diet is going very well. I've been able to curb some of my temptations to snack with drinking a big glass of water. We are eating far greater amounts of vegetables and fruit, and trying to eat only 4oz of meat at a meal. This has been somewhat hard for Willie, but he is getting used to it. I really need to find the time of day that works for me to do a workout. I'm itching to get back to doing my pilates videos, but it just seems as if I can never find the time. I'm feeling better already with the small changes that I've made so far--that just makes me giddy!

My bloggy friend, Miriam, gave me an awesome recipe for Multigrain bread that I just love. And to think that is may actually be healthy. We like it better than my regular whole wheat bread, which we love. I've become a lot more comfortable in my bread making adventures, which coincidentally is resulting in better bread. Very rewarding.

The kitchen has been the hot spot this week. I've spent countless hours in there, and have been quite productive. This what I've done:
  • Made a loaf of Multigrain Bread
  • Made French Bread (same recipe, different method)
  • 4 French Baguettes
  • Froze approximately 12 quarts of strawberries
  • Chopped up my first fresh mango! (2 actually, and one more waiting)
  • Made Chicken broth
  • Made Tortillas
  • Used dried beans successfully in 2 dishes this week. So much better than the canned stuff from the grocery store!
  • Made an awesome banana/strawberry/mango smoothie--all from fresh fruit.
  • Made a batch of Oatmeal Raisin cookies w/Whole Wheat Flour. I didn't know how they would turn out--but they were delish!

I'm wanting to experiment some more with my whole wheat bread recipe. My original plan was to do that today, but I may just wait until next week. I still need to finish doing some meat prep and cleaning up some paper clutter that has accumulated on my hutch. Where does that stuff come from?!

We finally got our taxes done last night! It has only been on the list for months now. All I need to do now is make copies, and get them in the mail. So glad to have that behind me.

What have you done this week?