Friday, November 21, 2008


Life has been so insanely busy this week. I cannot seem to get caught up on housework, or coupon clipping! That's bad!

The big kids had Parent's Night at school last night. Oh man was that a mess! For one reason or another they had the 1st and 2nd grade parent night the same on one side of the building, one on the other. They each had about 4 activities each, and it only lasted an hour! Needless to say, we didn't get much done.

But, I finally made the Rotisserie Style Chicken in the crockpot...and it was amazing. I was really beginning to wonder if we were meant to eat it. I actually put it in the crockpot Wednesday about 10. I had it all seasoned and ready to go. Noah and I left the house around 11 or so to go drop off the Operation Christmas Child boxes. I really should have known that something was not right when I walked in the house and didn't smell the wonderful smell of dinner cooking. I kept telling myself to go peek at it, but I would get busy and forget.

Willie came home just before 4, and I wanted to show off my awesome chicken. Did you ever notice that chickens aren't really all that awesome looking when they are uncooked?

Apparently, right before Noah and I left, he turned the crockpot off. I do remember him saying something to the effect of wanting to eat chicken for lunch, and that it was done cooking. Little did I know that he would turn it off!!!

So, I turned it on at 4 (which obviously wouldn't be done by dinner) and whipped up some breakfast for dinner. We just decided to have the chicken last night for dinner.

You would have thought that Wednesday night's catastrophe would have served as a reminder. WRONG!

I put the container in the crock and turned it on low since it was pretty much cooked all the way. Thankfully my nose was working and some time later I realized that I wasn't smelling the wonderful aroma of my chicken.

Did you know that in order for a crockpot to work, you must plug the bad boy in? Lesson learned.

So, I got the show on the road, again! And Noah would turn it off. I lost count how many times he tried to turn it off. After Wednesday, and the start of this go around...I watched that baby like a hawk! was one of the best chickens I've ever eaten. Hubby liked it so so much that he wants me to make a soup out of it tonight (the juice the thing made was AWESOME) instead of the Bierocks I had already planned.

Needless to say...the menu plan I made...yeah it doesn't exist this week!

Oh yeah...and we are going to Kansas City this weekend to see TobyMac!!! Oh yeah...

Does the running ever stop?!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The big kids didn't have school today due to some form of meeting. I was messing with them Friday before they left for school and told them that if they were good at school, then I would let them stay home Monday, and we would have a fun day.

Nicholas told me that he would just be bad then, because he wanted to go to school Monday because of gifted. Hrm. I had forgotten all about I had to rebound quickly witht something.

I fessed up that they actually did not have school on Monday, and that instead we could come up with something so we could have gifted at home.

Okay, yeah, I was CLUELESS!

Kaitlyn wanted to build something, and Nicholas wanted to do science.

Ah ha! A baking soda/vinegar volcano! My mom did something similar with me and my brother when we were younger. We actually made an entire paper mache was too cool! I would have loved to do this, but since we were gone all day Saturday, and Sunday is always busy...we just ran out of time.

But, after a rough start this morning..we constructed a volcano, and the eruption began!

*please ignore all my sewing gunk all over the dining room's been temporarily converted!*

Nicholas is mixing up the volcano goop.

Sculpting the volcano around the water bottle.

Highly distressed that the volcano was not shaped like a mountain!

She's a bit blurry...but she's pouring in the vinegar.

Watching the eruption. Nicholas is not so secretly wishing that it was an EXPLOSION and not an eruption! Is this a boy thing?!

Now, off to build a house out of popsicle sticks!

Can you do me a Favor?

We made a trip back to our hometown this weekend to take advantage of a free Christian concert being put on by a local ministry. This would make the 3rd one that they've done (since summertime)....and they're awesome!

The first one was Natalie Grant. I've seen her before through Women of Faith...but this was much better. We had floor seats, and were in like the 5th row.

Then, there was Building 429, Addison Road, and After Edmund.

This one, I brought Nicholas, Kaitlyn, and my neice Emma, and nephew Avery. They had a blast! We were within 6 inches (uh, huh you read that right..inches) of the stage. At one point they let the kids get up on stage with them. Too cool! :) It was a fantastic show, for sure.

But, hands down the best show was the one we went to Saturday. Jason Gray, Rush of Fools, and Big Daddy Weave. The music was phenominal and the worship was fantastical.

But, there was something else that will forever be etched in my mind.

A friend of mine has a young family member who just got a not so great report from the doctor. She had a tumor removed on her brain, and come to find out, she has cancer through out her body. I can not even fathom what this family is going through.

Bid Daddy Weave dedicated a song to her, and after they said a little prayer and began to play the song....her family and friends surrounded her and began to pray. They were sitting in front of us....and to see the love, the pain, the was just overwhelming.

I felt I was being led to the pray to with them and lend whatever support I could offer. It took me a bit to join them, but, I took my friend's hand and prayed with her.

I have not been able to get this family out of my mind. When you think of it today, and throughout the next few weeks...can you say a little prayer for this family. That God would work a little miracle for this family. That somehow this young woman could overcome this vicious disease and be new again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He's Sick

A few nights ago, I told Noah to go clean up his room. It is such a disaster mess that you cannot even walk in's bad beyond belief. He just wouldn't do it. Period. My guess is partly because he was tired, and in all was probably a bit overwhelming.

Anyway..he wouldn't. So, Willie told Noah to go in the corner. He goes...but begins to cry, a lot. Willie asked him what was wrong. I guess he thought this was his cue to come out of the corner, because he came and sat on the coffee table in front of Willie, and said....I'm sick.

What do you mean, "You're sick."

Standing in the corner, makes me sick. Cleaning my room makes me sick. Getting in trouble makes me sick.

He said this with such seriousness, and huge crocodile took everything we had to keep a straight face. we didn't keep a straight face at all. We busted up.

Willie said, Noah, I think you're full of it.

Oh man did he cry. Daddy, that's not nice..I not full of it..I sick!

Willie finally got Noah to clean his room, by promising to read him some books. Noah loves his books. Noah went in his room, and shoved everything in the floor into his toy closet and came prancing out of his room gleaming!

As soon as Willie was done with the book...Noah snuggled up with the ever so famous "ello blankie" and he was out!

Books make for good medicine!
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