Monday, November 17, 2008

Can you do me a Favor?

We made a trip back to our hometown this weekend to take advantage of a free Christian concert being put on by a local ministry. This would make the 3rd one that they've done (since summertime)....and they're awesome!

The first one was Natalie Grant. I've seen her before through Women of Faith...but this was much better. We had floor seats, and were in like the 5th row.

Then, there was Building 429, Addison Road, and After Edmund.

This one, I brought Nicholas, Kaitlyn, and my neice Emma, and nephew Avery. They had a blast! We were within 6 inches (uh, huh you read that right..inches) of the stage. At one point they let the kids get up on stage with them. Too cool! :) It was a fantastic show, for sure.

But, hands down the best show was the one we went to Saturday. Jason Gray, Rush of Fools, and Big Daddy Weave. The music was phenominal and the worship was fantastical.

But, there was something else that will forever be etched in my mind.

A friend of mine has a young family member who just got a not so great report from the doctor. She had a tumor removed on her brain, and come to find out, she has cancer through out her body. I can not even fathom what this family is going through.

Bid Daddy Weave dedicated a song to her, and after they said a little prayer and began to play the song....her family and friends surrounded her and began to pray. They were sitting in front of us....and to see the love, the pain, the was just overwhelming.

I felt I was being led to the pray to with them and lend whatever support I could offer. It took me a bit to join them, but, I took my friend's hand and prayed with her.

I have not been able to get this family out of my mind. When you think of it today, and throughout the next few weeks...can you say a little prayer for this family. That God would work a little miracle for this family. That somehow this young woman could overcome this vicious disease and be new again.


Mama M said...

I will most certainly pray.

Miriam said...


Maria said...

Thanks for sharing. I will include her in my prayers.

Krisi and Adam said...

Absolutely. Thank you for sharing.

Melissa said...

Okay this is going to come off strange (sorry) but I don't pray.. I know I know. BUT I can offer this.. because I'm reading this and tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of my grandmothers death, I will make sure my grandma knows I'm thinking of this family (she was an amazing lady who always had her prayers answered, our family believes it's because she was sick for over 30 years of her life so her prayers for others never go unanswered because she suffered for so long).. so instead of praying I would tell my Grandma about things going on in my life or in friends lives and she would pray for them. Since she died I either talk about these things with other people or just think really hard about these things and somehow I feel she "hears" me and still prays for what I need prayers for.

Like I said, it sounds strange, but I didn't want to simply post that I would pray.. because for me that's not how it works.. but I will pass on the details so she can pray for them.

The Grays said...

I will definitely be praying for this family. Please keep us updated!
Sola gratia,