Monday, March 30, 2009

Housewifely Duties

One of the most important parts of my Housewifely Duties is managing my home. Up until about 2 years ago, I never really took this job seriously. Well, let me rephrase that.

I left my awesome job in the cell phone sales industry and decided to become a stay at home mom. Having been fresh from the work scene, I treated it just like I would a job. Dressed every morning, and worked all day--as well as play with the 2 young kidlets. About 3 months later, I become pregnant with our 3 child. Mid way into my pregnancy I was exhausted all the time--all I wanted to do was sleep. Nothing got done around the house, and I still have no idea how my big kids survived. Okay, well it wasn't that bad--but I really wasn't a homemaker during this time.

After having our third, I was very meticulous about our home, but that was it. I was not managing anything. Then it got to where I didn't clean like I used to, and I began to really not like the whole "stay at home mom thing". Looking back, it was because I wasn't doing anything.

Fast forward to 2007.

I realized that I wasn't a homemaker or a housewife. I was a mom without a job.

Today, I love that I have housewifely duties and the job of a homemaker and manager of my home. While somedays I sit and think that it was easier for me to manage a cell phone store, I would still rather be here. This job is far more rewarding! It can be hard, and it is a balancing act that I am still trying to figure out.

I'm still trying to come up with the Homemaking Schedule that works for me, but I am confident that it will come soon enough.

Today, I'm trying to play catch up from the weekend. I didn't do my regulars so now I am behind. Let's see if I can get it to sing! :)

On the To-Do for Today:
  • Atleast 3 loads of laundry. (1)(2)(3)
  • Clean up sink (I didn't do any dishes yesterday--it is disasterous!)
  • Pick up weekend clutter.
  • MUST DO TAXES!!!!!!
  • Buy fruit trees?! We really need to do this, I just don't know that it will happen today.
  • Clean up desk area.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Welcoming Dad Home

With my husband's job, there are certain instances when he has to be away for extended amounts of time. It has been awhile since this has happened, so I knew the time would come soon. This week he had to go to a school to go to a few hours away, which meant that he was gone from Tuesday morning until Thursday around 4pm. This wasn't as long as it usually is, but he was gone, nonetheless.

These schools, oftentimes are incredibly tiring, and I knew he had a long drive home making him even more tired. I didn't want him to feel overwhelmed when he finally did make it home.

I knew he was coming home yesterday, so I made sure to have all (or most) of the unnecessary clutter picked up and everything put back in it's place. II wanted our home to be a refreshing spot for him, instead of being bombarded with the norm. I also made sure that I had all the prep work done for our dinner and I had no duties that were calling my name so that I had a little bit of free time.

Willie and I don't get a lot of time to ourselves anymore, since we live far away from family and friends. So, we try to make the most of it when we can "get away". When he made it home, we took a walk down to the garden, hand in hand, and talked until we were interrupted by the gardener.

Although it didn't last but maybe 10 minutes--it felt so much longer than that. It was rejuvenating and a definite finer thing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weight Loss and Diet Accountability

Alright--no more him hawing around. I must, must do this!

I'm bound and determined to make 2009 the best year I've had in means of accomplishing things. I already have a pretty extensive goal list, and it has really helped me to keep on track this year. One of my many goals is to lose weight, and get healthy. Quite honestly, that has been a goal for about 7 years now--ever since I've had my daughter.

I won't go too much into specifics, but I was on birth control after having her, and little did we know that due to a blood clotting disorder, that was not a good plan. I gained a lot of weight, which I fully blame on the birth control, and maybe another health issue that I keep putting off getting checked (hey, it's on the list!). Anyway, I've literally been on a yo-yo for the last 7 years.

I could stand to lose about 50 lbs. I know that that won't all happen this year, but I would love it if I could lose atleast 20--hopefully 10 by summer.

Problem here is, I don't own a scale. I would be on it all the time, and I know that that isn't how it is supposed to work. But, I do hope that in the next month or so, I will be more comfortable with having one, and be able to us it "properly".

Thankfully, my husband is fully on board with me on this. He, due to bad cholesterol levels, is on a forced diet, and we're doing it as a family. I look forward to this adventure and to what we can accomplish and learn together!

Thanks so much to Janet for posting her journey, and getting me even more amped to start mine!

I know that it won't be all too interesting, but I'm going to start posting my food intake, and exercise so that I am accountable for my actions. The blogosphere is good for that!

Do you have healthy recipes or exercise routines to share?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catching Up

I didn't realize that it had been January since I made my last post over here. There is a lot of catching up to do.

First off: Nicholas is doing AMAZING! Apparently it really does make a difference to have a good nights sleep. We never mentioned to anyone at the school or church that we had made any changes, and we got the same response from both ends. "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" That is music to my ears!

We had another evaluation at the school, which happened right after we started the new medication. So far we aren't going to change a thing. Between their evaluations and the evaluations from the OT, we are fully convinced that it isn't Autism, but Sensory Perception Disorder instead. Completely makes sense now that I know what the issue is. It only took us about 4 years or so to get here.

Basketball has come and gone. The kids had a blast, although I thought it was a joke. Very poorly organized, and nothing like it was "suppossed" to be. But, the kids really did enjoy it, and really that is all that matters.

The garden is coming along quite nicely. I've been doing regular posts on my other blog charting it's progress. This has been really good for me, as it is forcing me to get outside instead of continually making excuses. It will also come in very handy with our diet plans. We are focused on becoming healthier and getting fit after getting Willie'c cholesterol results last week.

Lots of happenings going on--just nothing all too exciting! I really wanted to post some pics from our St. Patricks Day meal, but my computer won't recognize the USB cord from the camera anymore. Really not sure why--anyone know?

What's been happening around your house?