Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catching Up

I didn't realize that it had been January since I made my last post over here. There is a lot of catching up to do.

First off: Nicholas is doing AMAZING! Apparently it really does make a difference to have a good nights sleep. We never mentioned to anyone at the school or church that we had made any changes, and we got the same response from both ends. "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" That is music to my ears!

We had another evaluation at the school, which happened right after we started the new medication. So far we aren't going to change a thing. Between their evaluations and the evaluations from the OT, we are fully convinced that it isn't Autism, but Sensory Perception Disorder instead. Completely makes sense now that I know what the issue is. It only took us about 4 years or so to get here.

Basketball has come and gone. The kids had a blast, although I thought it was a joke. Very poorly organized, and nothing like it was "suppossed" to be. But, the kids really did enjoy it, and really that is all that matters.

The garden is coming along quite nicely. I've been doing regular posts on my other blog charting it's progress. This has been really good for me, as it is forcing me to get outside instead of continually making excuses. It will also come in very handy with our diet plans. We are focused on becoming healthier and getting fit after getting Willie'c cholesterol results last week.

Lots of happenings going on--just nothing all too exciting! I really wanted to post some pics from our St. Patricks Day meal, but my computer won't recognize the USB cord from the camera anymore. Really not sure why--anyone know?

What's been happening around your house?

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