Monday, March 30, 2009

Housewifely Duties

One of the most important parts of my Housewifely Duties is managing my home. Up until about 2 years ago, I never really took this job seriously. Well, let me rephrase that.

I left my awesome job in the cell phone sales industry and decided to become a stay at home mom. Having been fresh from the work scene, I treated it just like I would a job. Dressed every morning, and worked all day--as well as play with the 2 young kidlets. About 3 months later, I become pregnant with our 3 child. Mid way into my pregnancy I was exhausted all the time--all I wanted to do was sleep. Nothing got done around the house, and I still have no idea how my big kids survived. Okay, well it wasn't that bad--but I really wasn't a homemaker during this time.

After having our third, I was very meticulous about our home, but that was it. I was not managing anything. Then it got to where I didn't clean like I used to, and I began to really not like the whole "stay at home mom thing". Looking back, it was because I wasn't doing anything.

Fast forward to 2007.

I realized that I wasn't a homemaker or a housewife. I was a mom without a job.

Today, I love that I have housewifely duties and the job of a homemaker and manager of my home. While somedays I sit and think that it was easier for me to manage a cell phone store, I would still rather be here. This job is far more rewarding! It can be hard, and it is a balancing act that I am still trying to figure out.

I'm still trying to come up with the Homemaking Schedule that works for me, but I am confident that it will come soon enough.

Today, I'm trying to play catch up from the weekend. I didn't do my regulars so now I am behind. Let's see if I can get it to sing! :)

On the To-Do for Today:
  • Atleast 3 loads of laundry. (1)(2)(3)
  • Clean up sink (I didn't do any dishes yesterday--it is disasterous!)
  • Pick up weekend clutter.
  • MUST DO TAXES!!!!!!
  • Buy fruit trees?! We really need to do this, I just don't know that it will happen today.
  • Clean up desk area.

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Elizabeth said...

Ok, I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one that's been a little lazy during my 3rd pregnancy. I'm exhausted. I went from feeling like Superwoman around the house to feeling like I simply exist... and thanking God that He waited to bless me with this pregnancy until my boys were independent enough to play in their rooms every morning.

But I really need to get back into managing my house... I just don't know where to begin anymore :( The energy is back... the motivation is still lacking.

BoufMom9 said...

I used to be a maniac until having my twins. I have let a lot of my cleaning go... it's not awful, but not up to par.
Thanks for the wake-up call this morning... time for me to get off the computer and work :)

Happy Monday!

ps My post can be found here:

momstheword said...

Phoebe, I loved what you said here: "I was a mom without a job." Sometimes I think we can get a little lost around the house and forgot our "mission," so to speak.

BTW, I was so tired after my second one was born, don't know how you managed with three, lol!

I have weekend-recovery to do around here today too, so I'll be joining you. Thank you for posting today!

Eli's Lids said...

Cleaning has never been my strong point! But we recently moved and the new place is so bright and breezy that I notice I want to keep it up more. At first I thought it was just the nicer place but we also got rid of A LOT of "stuff" when we moved and I think the simplifing and purging was good for my brain... who knows! Blessings for your chores to get finished quickly!

Erin said...

Wow! I could have written your post. I stopped working after I had two kids and thought I was doing great until my third pregnancy derailed literally took years for me to get my groove back and that included redefining myself as a housewife, not a mom who didn't have a job. Thanks so much for an awesome post.

Miriam said...

I don't know why I never found this blog before! I am now a follower :) I've been considering doing a series on housekeeping/being a housewife, and you've brought it back to the front of my mind. It looks like you ordered fruit trees!! I was eyeing blueberry bushes in a magazine the other day... but I won't order any since we don't know if we're moving or not. What did you order?