Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh no you didn't!

Earlier this week we had chilli for lunch, and after I prepared the big kids's bowls complete with sour cream and cheese, I went in the laundry room to flip the laundry before I sat down for lunch. Noah was occupied in his bedroom, so I just dished his out to cool off.

Right in the middle of me flipping the laundry, I heard both of the big kids frantically yelling "Noah, no. Noah! Noah!"

I knew exactly what it was...Noah had the jalapenos!

When I came into the kitchen Noah turned around and smiled. "I got free (three) wapapeno's mommy!"

Oh no you didn't!

Sure enough in his bowl were 3 jalapenos right on top. These are not your normal jalapenos! They are hotter than fire, let me tell you. They lit my mouth up like nothing I've ever seen. Thankfully they were right on top, so I just picked them off. I stirred in extra cheese and sour cream for good measure.

Noah was not happy about all this so I explained to him that those little bad boys "would burn his lips off!" Gotta scare him, right?

So, we proceed to eat lunch and he begins to fake frantic cry. When I asked him what was wrong he informed me that the wapapenos burnt his lips off.

That was until I reminded him that I already removed those pesky wapapenos.



Cathy said...

I LOVE that! so cute:) These are one of reasons I started a blog, so I could document and remember all these adorable things that happened with my children. ...this very well could happen to me with my youngest someday, he's a little stinker:)

Phoebe said...

I know. I always thought I would remember all the funny/cute things they said and did. I do...but for like 15 mins! :)

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

That is too cute. I would have seriously cracked up laughing at him. Kids are so funny sometimes.

Anita said...

That is really too cute!! Kids say the best things! Just wanted to say hi........I kind of looked you up from Elizabeth's blog, wanted to say hi!
Drop by my blog sometime if you have time.